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Keep track of your Google rankings and on-page SEO efforts with Tiny Ranker, the Google rank tracker that just works. We removed the expendable and kept the things that help you make decisions to get the job done.

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The World's Simplest SEO tool

  • Credited as the world's most user-friendly Google rank tracker
  • Get customized on-page SEO optimization tips
  • Easy to manage dashboard helps to keep an overview
  • Keep track of SEO tasks and optimization with Task Management

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Rank tracker

Google Rank Tracker

A simple interface to keep score of your Google positions. Daily updated rankings on your SEO keywords. Add as many countries as you need. Know your mobile rankings.

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Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

View keywords that you rank on, but haven’t added to your site. View competitors keywords. Browse keyword search statistics on all keywords.

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Onpage SEO check

On-page SEO

See how well your landing pages are optimized for keywords. Receive suggestions for optimization. Prioritize efforts based on facts and knowledge.

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Monitor your competitors

SEO Competitors

See who you’re competing against for ranks on Google. Add your own competitors - and compare ranks. See what keywords your competitors use to target Google AdWords.

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SEO reports

  • Keep track of your SEO efforts with monthly Google ranking reports via email
  • Customize time periods and create beautiful graphs
  • Send reports with set intervals to your clients or decision-makers

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Mikkel Marius Winther

Tiny Ranker is the simplest way for us to keep track of our search engine rankings across several different markets. The tool makes it easy to create lists of search terms to monitor in order to see the effects of our SEO efforts and highlight pages and search terms that need to be improved.

Mikkel Marius Winther, CMO


Heidi Agerkvist

Instead of doing drugs I do Tiny Ranker. It gives me the perfect overview of my central keywords and rankings - and several shots of adrenaline as I watch them go up and up. Tiny Ranker is one of the most important tools in managing my SEO work and strategy. And the service and support is quick and super friendly

Heidi Agerkvist

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