On-page SEO optimization

  • See how well your landing pages are optimized for keywords
  • Receive suggestions for optimization
  • Prioritize efforts based on facts and knowledge

It’s not enough to know how visible you are on your keywords. You also need to know what you can to do improve them.

We’ve made this job easy for you with our on-page SEO optimization tool. With simple icons, we show you which keywords needs a helping hand and which are optimal.

We check important SEO factors like texts, title tags and descriptions and make suggestions as to what you might do to optimize your keywords.

Suggestions are based on keywords that rank in top 100. If you don’t rank on a keyword, you can easily add your preferred landing page that applies to that keyword and then receive suggestions based on that specific combination.

  • Graspable view of suggestions for optimization
  • Concrete proposals for improvement
  • Add your own landing pages if the wrong landing page ranks in connection a certain keyword

Other features

Rank tracker

A simple interface to keep overall track of your SEO efforts. Daily updated rankings on your keywords. Add as many countries as you need. Know your mobile rankings.

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Keyword Analysis

View keywords that you rank on, but haven’t added to your site. View competitors keywords. Keyword search statistics on all keywords.

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See who you’re competing against for ranks on Google. Add your own competitors - and compare ranks. See what keywords your competitors use to target Google AdWords.

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Martin D. Andersen

Here at PriceRunner we use Tiny Ranker to keep track of daily keyword rankings. Never worked with a better system!

Martin D. Andersen


Tobias Schelle

I have tried a lot of tools to track organic rankings. Now we stayed with Tinyranker because it's so simple and it supports multiple markets (google.co.uk, google.com, etc). They also send a weekly emails which keeps us in the loop. Love it!

Tobias Schelle


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